Regular meeting


Our Regular Meeting is the second Monday of every month. We eat at 6:30pm and the meeting starts at 7:30pm. Please come out and fellowship with us.

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york 385 officers


WB Jon Osborne, Worshipful Master

Mike Rowe, Senior Warden

Carl Butler III, Junior Warden

Billy Workman, Treasurer

WB Topper Amerson, Secretary

Justin Guyer, Chaplin

Justin Baker, Senior Deacon

Tom Honig, Junior Deacon

Jason Barron, Steward

Brian Roberts Jr, Steward

Michael Catoe, Tiler          

York 385

York 385

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October 1st.Annual 22nd District Outdoor 3rd Degree. Meal at 12pm and work to follow.

October 10th. Regular Meeting, and Official visit by RW Jerry Smith. Meal at 6:30pm and Meet at 7:30pm.

October 24th. Masters and Wardens at Philanthropic 32. Meal at 6:30pm and Meet at 7pm.